Southern Oregon Chapter
National Railway Historical Society
Year in Review

A look at the activities and accomplishments of the Southern Oregon Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society during 2001.

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Tender Frame The year's activities began with the final disassembly of our Willamette locomotive, the Medco 8.  Pictured here, the tender frame has been lifted off the trucks and is about to be set off on blocks.  

New regulations regarding years of service for a steam locomotive boiler caused us to rethink our rebuild schedule and concentrate on the frame and running gear. Reassembly of the boiler until happen later as once we seal it up, the clock starts ticking on it's 15 year life until a mandatory rebuild.

Draft Gear Removed In preparation to fitting a new end beam for the tender frame, the draft gear (coupler pocket and springs) has been removed and set on the ground.  The can of Kroil on the frame was used liberally, but bolts still needed to be burned off.  Note the pile of charred beam remains just past the frame -- an unintended result of torching off the bolts.
Truck Frames With both the locomotive and tender frames removed from the trucks, the drive lines were then disassembled and removed.  Next the trucks were taken apart enough to allow them to be lifted off the wheel sets and placed with the other Willamette parts.   Here they rest awaiting cleaning, repair, paint and eventual reassembly.
Willamette Parts Galore The brake beams off the trucks lay on the ground in this view of the "half acre of Willamette."
Wheel sets in Mineral, WA Meanwhile, the wheel sets and drive shafts were shipped off to the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad's shops in Mineral, WA.  There, Jack Anderson and crew will turn the wheels and axle ends and repair damage and wear on the drive shafts.
Speeded Shed The 108 year old (former SP) speeder shed received lots of attention from several members as it was stripped of many layers of paint and given new primer and finish coats.  Under the old paint graffiti dating back up to  100 years was found carved into the siding.  This was carefully documented and care was taken in applying the new paint to allow the carvings to show through.
CB&Q Caboose Out 91 year old caboose finally received some attention in the form of a complete exterior restoration, new windows and about 7 coats of paint.  The inside housed our museum and interpretive displays and is being refurbished in 2002 to more closely resemble the interior of a working caboose.  
Digging Footings In 2001 we received a grant to built a 30' x 60' steel building in which we'll rebuild and house the Willamette.  After several delays, work finally got underway in late fall.  In this picture Jerry Hellinga is digging the holes for the footings.  
Pouring Footings After steel was laid in the holes and forms built, the footings are shown here being poured by the contractor we hired to erect the structure.
Jerry & Half Completed Loco Shed The steel frame is up as well as some of the siding as Jerry takes a break from one of many long days he contributed to making this project a reality.
Completed Locomotive Shed The finished structure.  Chapter members have laid ties and rail through the shed.  The rails are shown just protruding past the half open door.
Moving ex-SP 6799 Last but not least, a former Southern Pacific Economy Baggage car was donated to the Chapter by the contractor that's dismantling the Eugene Yard.  Only trouble was that this car was on a short length of "dead" track that didn't connect to anything.  It took a pair of cranes to "walk" the baggage car 50 yards to live track.  This car is the SP 6799 and the next to last baggage car the SP purchased.  It had been used for storage by the Bridge and Buildings Deptartment.
All photographs and text © 2002 by the Southern Oregon Chapter, National Railway Historical Society.

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