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Return of the Medco 4 Boiler

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After several delays coordinating equipment at both ends, it finally all came together and the Medco 4 boiler returned to Medford.

Combined Transport's low-boy truck arrived at the Railroad Park early on August 16.

Thanks to Combined Transport for a generous discount and excellent service.

Shortly, Cook Crane showed up, as did an equipment trailer from Medford Fabrication.

After all the "fun" with a 48' trailer inside the Railroad Park compound during the loading back in March, we decided to off load the boiler onto something smaller for the short trip from the parking lot to the engine shed. Chapter Vice-President Ric Walch arranged for Medford Fabrication to donate the use of an equipment trailer for this task. Thanks Medford Fabrication!

The shorter trailer and smaller tractor had no trouble easing the boiler back through the gate. In the background, Cook already had the crane set up for unloading as this was unfolding.
The final lift off the trailer is rigged while the forklift stands by to move the cribbing off the trailer and over to where the boiler will be set.
With the trailer out of the way, Jerry positions the cribbing for the final set-down. Later he acknowledged that driving under the suspended boiler was the only part of the whole operation where he was a bit nervous.

At last the boiler is positioned next to the engine house.

After some plumbing and painting are done and work on the backside of the three cylinder engine (visible beyond the crane and in front of the red caboose) is finished, the boiler will be set on the frame and the engine will be re-attached to the frame and boiler.

A look inside the firebox shows how much has been done to the boiler since it left Medford.

Continuing the Work at the Railroad Park

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