Medford Railroad Park

Southern Pacific Flat Car


Southern Pacific Flatcar #541254

By Tony Johnson

Southern Pacific Flatcar #541254 is classified as an F-50-16 flatcar by Southern Pacific. It was among a group of 500 F-50-16 flatcars built by the American Car & Foundry Company in 1949. Originally numbered SP140000-140499, they were renumbered to SP541193-541690 in 1956. An additional 100 cars were constructed for Southern Pacific subsidiary Texas & New Orleans Railroad.

This flatcar was acquired by the Chapter as a donation from Ted Clay of Ashland , Oregon . Ted acquired it in 1993 as part of the auction of the Ashland property of Ed Krahel where it was located. It is not known when Ed acquired the flatcar and no other intermediate owners are known.

It was moved to the Medford Railroad Park in February 1994 and placed on display next to our 1910-built Chicago , Burlington & Quincy RR wooden caboose. Currently we use the flatcar to store our supply of railroad ties. In the future we plan to replace all the wooden deckwork and give it a fresh coat of authentic SP paint.

SP Flat Car Facts:

Built September, 1949

Load Limit, 136,900 lbs.

Light Weight, 40,100 lbs.

Capacity, 100,000 lbs.