Medford Railroad Park

BN (ex-GN) Caboose 11205

BURLINGTON NORTHERN (former Great Northern) CABOOSE #11205

This rustic old wooden caboose was originally Great Northern Railroad caboose X202. It was built by Great Northern in September 1941 at their St. Cloud , Minnesota shops. With the 1970 merger of the Great Northern Railroad, the Spokane , Portland & Seattle Railway, and Northern Pacific Railroad, caboose X202 became Burlington Northern #11205.

The building of wooden caboose generally ended in the late 1940s as all-steel caboose construction was stronger, safer, and easier to maintain. However, a few wood cabooses were constructed upon steel underframes after all-steel cabooses were generally accepted.

During its last years of service on the Burlington Northern it was used in Seattle transfer service, mostly between Balmer and Stacy Street yards. BN retired the caboose in August 1972 and eventually sold it to Edward Krahel in June 1976.

BN #11205 was acquired by the Chapter as a donation from Ted Clay of Ashland , Oregon . Ted acquired it in 1993 as part of the auction of the Ashland property of Ed Krahel, where it was located. It was moved to the Medford Railroad Park in February 5, 1995 .

The caboose interior is in reasonably good shape, although some restoration work will need to be done. It's the restoration of the caboose exterior that will be the biggest challenge. No date has been set for work to begin.

While not fully restored, the exterior has been painted in order to arrest any further deterioration and make it presentable at the Railroad Park.